Ilse’s drawings are often underpinned by structures or systems which are based on geometry. These act as a metaphor for rationale, referencing the way in which pattern and mathematics is often used, particularly in science, to understand or explain the physical world. In addition to these structures, she imposes responsive rules to inform her mark-making. These rules are often based on repetitive marks or actions. The drawing records the break down or evolution of transferred layered or repeated information resulting in fictitious new entities or worlds which have been abstracted from the rules and systems.

Work on paper

Work on paper

Brilliance: Paradox Comics, High Street, Poole

3D installation:
(to be viewed through a pair of these)

Work on paper

To the West: “No Human Carries a Map”, Arts University College Bournemouth, 2010

Flight: Chine, Freerange, Truman Breweries, London, 2010

Callendar House: Holdenhurst rd, Bournemouth. 2010

Work on paper

10-1 Lighthouse Project: Lighthouse Theatre, Poole. 2009

Seed: Lower Gardens Bournemouth. 2008